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Who we are &
what makes us

Practiced over many years, Our formulations have proven efficacy, contain organic ingredients & are 100% cruelty free.

This is a one-of-a-kind product that you won't find in a drugstore. We select potent active components for you based on your images, background, and ambitions. From minor blemishes to outbreaks, our once-daily cream has you covered.


Traditionally crafted for you

Collaborate with Navami everyday and get a touch of wellness designed with an amalgamation of traditional receipes and modern science.

Just made in the way how your body wants it.

Treat your skin for every season

In the winter and summer, your skincare reacts differently. Our products treat your skin with vitamins for every season.

Your skin tends to dry out more easily in September, October, and November, therefore we created a collection of formulas, to keep your skin beautiful for both morning and night time.

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Practiced over
many years

perfected over decades,

passed on through generations.

Mansi Desai


I stumbled across Navami some three odd years ago, and the very first product I used was the overnight face oil. It quickly became a favourite and is still a staple in my nighttime skincare routine. After that I tried their moisturising face wash, which is now my daily double-cleansing buddy, and the radiance pack, which instantly clarifies my skin and gives it a healthy glow. Recently, I started using Navami day cream and lip balm, and no surprises in the fact that

Divya Seth Shah.jpg

Divya Seth Shah


Fresh. Innovative. Aromatic . Leaves my skin feeling soft and nourished .. glowing and breathing ! Navami is so worth it every single time ♥️

Foram Ariga.JPG

Foram Ariga

Content Writer

I've been using Navami products for about the same number of years they've been in the market. The products are almost like an addiction for my skin especially the Outrageously Moisturising Face wash and the Radiance Pack. I don't really need to look beyond these two products for my skincare and the results are out there for everyone to see. Navami products are free of chemicals and completely natural and I wouldn't swap them for anything else in the world! Proud to be a part of the #NavamiTribe. I simply love these products as well. Navami is a brand I can trust blindly. I have dry, sensitive, and hormonal acne-prone skin (the worst possible skin type combination someone could be cursed with), but Navami has never failed me. Its products are based in Indian tradition, ayurveda, and age-old tried and tested enhancers of Indian skin and beauty. Even though their products are so very good, they are still mighty pocket-friendly, and completely no-nonsense. I have tried a number of high-end Indian ayurvedic brands, even Forest Essentials, but there is something so wonderfully fresh and basic about Navami; it just feels like home and grandma’s love!

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