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Practiced over 100 years, Perfected over decades, Passed on through generations...

Decades ago, my grandmother, then the young daughter-in-law of a well known family, started practising her writing skills by noting down the wellness recipes, she had learnt in her maternal home.

With age and experience, she collected several beauty recipes for healthy skin and hair, popular during her time. She would often blend oils to create a product that suited her skin and hair type, jotting down her ‘experiments’.

This tradition of noting down interesting and effective skin and hair care recipes, was passed down to my mother, when she got married into the family. She named the journal “ Amaar Navami er Boi” ( My Navami Book) - because she made the first entry in that journal on Navami (9th Day of Navratra)

Over the years, my grandmother and mother, honed the recipes, using different ingredients.Navami was born to preserve this wisdom of the women of our family by sharing it with the community and thereby ensure that these gems don’t fade away with time.

Meet The Founder


(Dr. Barshani Gokhale on left & Smt. Chhanda Ray on right)

Smt. Chhanda Ray - was a working mother, who read beauty recipes from every magazine, every book she could get her hands on - she would then make these recipes at home, testing them, modifying them and storing only the effective recipes. Smt. Ray, was known in her community as the go to person for skincare and haircare treatments. She has innumerable beauty books, course certificates stashed away in her cupboard along with the “My Navami Book”


Dr. Barshani Gokhale - is a working mother as well. Having completed her MBBS from Grant Medical College, JJ Group of Hospitals, Bombay, she has been practising family medicine for almost 17 years. During her practice, she often suggested, simple beauty treatments to her patients, taken from her mother’s “My Navami Book”. These recipes became an instant hit, and it was collectively decided to share it with the community.

It all started with bottling only four recipes, from the “ My Navami Book” and launching them appropriately during of Durga Puja -2016
Rest is, simply history and the blessings of the wise women of the family and community.

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