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Mindful Health


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 Handmade Natural

          Traditional Cosmetics

Practiced over many years

perfected over decades,

passed on through generations...

reincarnated through secret techniques, blended with modern science...

Prepared with affection

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What People Say

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About Us

Navami is not just a wellness brand but an emotion born in the kitchen of our grandmother who mastered the art of Ayurveda. The essence locked up in every bottle will surely teleport you to your roots, back in time where it all began!

Because at Navami, 
Caring for your wellness is in our NATURE!

Our Story

Decades ago, my grandmother, then the young daughter-in-law of a well known family, started practising her writing skills by noting down the wellness recipes, she had learnt in her maternal home. With age and experience, she collected several beauty recipes for healthy skin and hair, popular during her time. She would often blend oils to create a product that suited her skin and hair type, jotting down her ‘experiments’. This tradition of noting down interesting and effective skin and hair care recipes, was passed down to my mother, when she got married into the family. Read More...

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Discover Our Products

You not only get the perks of exploring all the best beauty products right from your couch but also get the chance to grab exciting deals and combos you would not be able to find in an offline store and a good time to make a good decision. 

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