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Mindful Health


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 Handmade Natural

          Traditional Cosmetics

Practiced over many years

perfected over decades,

passed on through generations...

reincarnated through secret techniques, blended with modern science...

Prepared with affection

What People Say

Mansi Desai.jpg
Mansi Desai


I stumbled across Navami some three odd years ago, and the very first product I used was the overnight face oil. It quickly became a favourite and is still a staple in my nighttime skincare routine. After that I tried their moisturising face wash, which is now my daily double-cleansing buddy, and the radiance pack, which instantly clarifies my skin and gives it a healthy glow. Recently, I started using Navami day cream and lip balm, and no surprises in the fact that

Foram Ariga.JPG
Foram Ariga

Content Writer

I've been using Navami products for about the same number of years they've been in the market. The products are almost like an addiction for my skin especially the Outrageously Moisturising Face wash and the Radiance Pack. I don't really need to look beyond these two products for my skincare and the results are out there for everyone to see. Navami products are free of chemicals and completely natural and I wouldn't swap them for anything else in the world! Proud to be a part of the #NavamiTribe. I simply love these products as well. Navami is a brand I can trust blindly. I have dry, sensitive, and hormonal acne-prone skin (the worst possible skin type combination someone could be cursed with), but Navami has never failed me. Its products are based in Indian tradition, ayurveda, and age-old tried and tested enhancers of Indian skin and beauty. Even though their products are so very good, they are still mighty pocket-friendly, and completely no-nonsense. I have tried a number of high-end Indian ayurvedic brands, even Forest Essentials, but there is something so wonderfully fresh and basic about Navami; it just feels like home and grandma’s love!

Ketaki Pimplekhare.jpg
Ketaki Pimplekhare

Artist & Actress

Can’t imagine my ‘hair life’ without Navami Hair Oil. Initially I wondered why it was slight more expensive than I was used to paying for hair oil. But once I saw how it nourished my hair, I didn’t think twice. It is worth every rupee. Just a tiny amount nourishes the entire scalp to the root. This is the third year where I can safely say I have used Navami Hair Oil atleast once a week. I recommend it with all my heart ☺️

Rasika Wakalkar.jpg
Rasika Wakalkar

Brand and Retail Strategist

"l have been using Navami Outrageously Moisturising Face Wash & the Navami Radiance Face Pack as my two go-to products in my skincare routine for a few years now. The light lavender aroma in the facewash feels rather uplifting as an unwinding routine by end of my day, it's texture is great & it gives me thc pampered feeling of self care in my quick daily routine. The radiance face pack I use every other week & at times I have used both these products in my bath even, for a decadent feel! What I love is the honest & authentic ingredients & to know that the founder is experimenting with her recipes with her background of having been a qualified doctor too. I am someone who believes in skin care & hair care from kitchen recipes, I am quite lazy with trying different products in the market but after finding Navami, I don't care to look any further. I wish Navami all thc success, & can safely recommend the philosophy of the product to anyone who would want to give it a try for a few times to get result."

Gauri Apte.jpg
Gauri Apte

Economics Professor

The Navami day cream!!! Just love the way it treats my skin. Dealing with sensitive skin can be a challenge, but Navami day cream works perfectly well for skin feels supple & nourished all day long. It totally tops my Skin regime.

Mrunal Pawar.jpg
Mrunal Pawar

Director, Sakal Publications

Thank you Navami, for this beautiful jar of I have been using this product for a long time now & my hair feels nourished, stronger, less prone to hair fall, enhancing my natural color and curls. PS: I don't wear face covering make-up. EVER.

Divya Seth Shah.jpg
Divya Seth Shah


Fresh. Innovative. Aromatic . Leaves my skin feeling soft and nourished .. glowing and breathing ! Navami is so worth it every single time ♥️

Palak Krishna Murthy.jpg
Palak Krishnamurthy


Can’t imagine my ‘hair life’ without Navami Hair Oil. Initially I wondered why it was slight more expensive than I was used to paying for hair oil. But once I saw how it nourished my hair, I didn’t think twice. It is worth every rupee. Just a tiny amount nourishes the entire scalp to the root. This is the third year where I can safely say I have used Navami Hair Oil atleast once a week. I recommend it with all my heart ☺️

Nivedita Korke.jpeg
Nivedita Korke

IT Professional, Barclays

Navami is one brand I confidently recommend to all my friends for not only their facewash but other products as well. I recently also tried the Overnight Face oil - it has really helped even out the texture of my skin! I don’t get scared applying Navami products on my face in fear of a breakout - that is how good they are!!

Parina Khetan.jpg
Parina Khetan

Home Chef

Laying my hands on the Navami bright day cream was the best thing my skin ever needed.. Not only it works well at day but at night too.. Leaving my skin feeling soft, plump & nourished, never has my skin felt so nourished before.




Thankyou Navami.


Totally recommend!

Jyoti Kumari.jpg
Jyoti Kumari

Home Chef

How can such a thick oil remove anything? Forget dirt, grime and make-up. This was my first thought when I received my bottle of Navami make-up removing oil. But boy was I wrong! It removes, deep cleanses and hydrates our city battered skin like no other product can. This was a few years ago. From then onward I am a devoted Navami user and in love with their outrageously moisturizing facewash, shampoo bar and the most wonderful face pack.

PS: I don't wear face covering make-up. EVER.

Neha Bhale.jpg
Neha R Bhale

Jewellery Designer & Graduate Gemologist

I started using Navami radiant face cream 2 years ago. My light skin since my late twenties had started showing signs of sun spots. I used to have a very active outdoor lifestyle which made it more difficult to control the pigmentation & freckles. I have used every possible cream, serum, from France to Japan for over IO years; most of the leading global brands I must have tried but did not get good results. Since the past few years I have started using local brands & supporting local businesses which led me to find Navami & it's amazing founder Barshani. Navami changed my beauty regime. I am no longer stressing about my skin but lovingly looking at it every morning so see it becoming softer & clearer. All my sun spots are gone after using the face cream for a year. I love it so much I apply it 2-3 times a day & some days even mask it up! The smooth light cream quenches my skin & a sweet fragrance lingers I am a very conscious buyer & carefully select brands that are environment friendly. Navami checks all my boxes & it's an integral part of my morning routine.

PS: I don't wear face covering make-up. EVER.

About Us

Navami is not just a wellness brand but an emotion born in the kitchen of our grandmother who mastered the art of Ayurveda. The essence locked up in every bottle will surely teleport you to your roots, back in time where it all began!

Because at Navami, 
Caring for your wellness is in our NATURE!

Our Story

Decades ago, my grandmother, then the young daughter-in-law of a well known family, started practising her writing skills by noting down the wellness recipes, she had learnt in her maternal home. With age and experience, she collected several beauty recipes for healthy skin and hair, popular during her time. She would often blend oils to create a product that suited her skin and hair type, jotting down her ‘experiments’. This tradition of noting down interesting and effective skin and hair care recipes, was passed down to my mother, when she got married into the family. Read More...

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Discover Our Products

You not only get the perks of exploring all the best beauty products right from your couch but also get the chance to grab exciting deals and combos you would not be able to find in an offline store and a good time to make a good decision. 

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